More than 40 years remanufacturing automotive components
With more than 40 years of experience in the automotive sector, we know how meet the highest standars. A remanufactured product that offers the same warranty as a new part.
Diesel experts
In the last 15 years of our career, we have been focused on diesel components. Ask for our injectors and pumps catalogue and commercial information.
High quality raw material treated by industry specialists
Thanks to our background, we have developed a professional network with the best experts in the industry. The core brokers, parts suppliers and customers we work with are the best professionals in the industry.
Product remanufactured in Spain
All our products are produced entirely in Spain.


More than 40 years of experience in the automotive sector support us / are our guarantee.


We know that our products perform as good as new that is the reason why we offer a 2 year warranty.


2 year warranty unlimited mileage on all our products.


We have two lines of remanufactured products. We work with up to 6 brands and with more than 400 references. Our products define us. We guarantee quality and safety. For further information, please contact 0034 848 64 00 10

Production process

The whole production process is carried out in our facilities, from purchasing through storage to packaging.

  • First phase: the injector is disassembled and the components are cleaned through ultrasonic and laser cleaning.
  • Second phace: All components are examined under microscope.
  • Third phase: all parts that do not meet the required standars are replaced with new ones to ensure relialability.
  • Fourth phase: After the injector is reassembled, it is subject to different tests. Such as injection rate, overflow at full load, dose rate at partial load, injection dose at idle, fuel spray, among others.
  • Fifth phase: A unique trim code is provided and a new IMA or ISA number is assigned.

At the end, we obtain a full performance product.

Values and commitment

Customer Service is what we stand out for.

Furthermore, we are deeply committed to the environment and we support the Circular Economy.

Our main mission is the value recovery of used and discarded products giving them a new life by the process of remanufacturing which saves a lot of energy and water.

All our waste is properly managed to ensure the lowest environmental impact.

Efficiency and technology go together.